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Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz's Ultimate Surf Lessons.

Learn from an accomplished  surf instructor with over 15 years experience!

Surf lessons with individual  focus & attention

1 on 1  soulful instruction

Pike Surf School
Experience Surfing for the first time!

Learn firsthand what it truly means to be a surfer. We teach so much more than just how to stand up or how to paddle, but also, appreciating what it truly takes be a surfer, teaching you the right skills from the ground up.

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Pike Surf School
Learn With the family & kids!

Perfect for kids or teens who are eager to jump into the sport of surfing in a fun, safe, and enjoyable learning environment in Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz, CA. We offer you a great place to jump-start your surfing and get started!

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Pike Surf School
Enjoy Together in groups!

Experience surfing together with a few of your closest friends. Enjoy your first surf learning experience together in Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz California. Give yourself or your loved ones the beautiful gift of learning how to surf.

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The Mission:

Whether you are looking to stand up for your first time or just looking to fine-tune your skills and become more well-rounded, Pike Surf Academy is your ultimate choice for fun, safe and affordable surf lessons in Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz California!  As the Founder of Pike Surf Academy, I set out to create a safe place where anyone could learn how to surf, in the safest and most enjoybale way possible. To me, learning how to surf is more than just learning how to ride a wave or how to paddle (we teach that too :) but learn about what it truly means to appreciate the sport. On my mission to teach the world how to surf, I've given lessons to everyone from children, teens, adults and grandparents, and theres been one thing I've always found to be true: Having a safe, fun, and enjoyable firsttime surfing experience is crucial. But there is also something about the sport of surfing that keeps us all coming back for more, the quest for the perfect wave, the drive to be a surfer.

The Story:

I started Pike’s Surf Academy so that I could pass my love and knowledge of surfing on to this generation and the next. My hope and dream is to inspire others, so they can connect with their sense of wonder and zest for life through surfing! Having grown up in Santa Barbara, my dream was to create a surf learning experience like no other, that offers each skillset a unique opportunity to learn:

For Kids / Teens:  We provide the safest and most knowledge-based introduction to the sport of surfing. We push them forward with solid guidance to give them the best possible introduction to the sport of surfing.

For Adults:  We provide a wonderful introduction to the sport of surfing in a safe, fun, and comfortable environment. We give you the chance to connect with your own passion and zest for surfing and life.